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Hi! I'm Lily Luna Potter the youngest and only daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter

I'm Lily Luna Potter, the youngest child and only daughter of The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, and Ginny Potter (neé Weasley). I'm jealous of my brothers James and Albus because they are going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year! In two years I will receive my Hogwarts letter.....

IN TWO YEARS!! It's too long! I want it now!

Join me as I journey to Hogwarts with my brothers Albus and James with my cousins Hugo and Rose Weasley.


(Starting from the left) My dad Harry James Potter, it's me Lily Luna Potter, my brother James Sirius Potter II, and also my brother Albus Severus Potter and my mum Ginevra "Ginny" Molly Potter

CHAPTER ONE - It Was my Idea!

James, Albus, and I, the children of Harry and Ginny Potter, woke up early to make breakfast for our parents.

"Mum and dad will love this! " I said while putting the plates on the table.

"I agree" Albus said to me while putting the spoons and forks on the table.

" Hey guys, can you help me here? " James asked from the kitchen.

" Sure! "Albus and I replied.

We hurried to the kitchen to help our brother, and we saw that James is putting the ham on the plate and same thing with the bacons and eggs.

" Are you sure it's not overcooked or undercooked? I asked James. Albus just giggled beside me.

James rolled his eyes. " Lily I'm sure these are cooked " 'James answered a little bit annoyed.

"Okay, I'm just asking " I apologized

" Let's hurry, mum and dad will wake-up in a few minutes " Albus said to me and James.

" Put these on the table " James ordered to me and Albus.

James gave the plate with eggs to me, and I hurried to the dining area where I placed the ham on the the table. Same thing with Albus, James gave the plate with ham and bacon to Albus and he hurried to the dining area to place it on the table. While James wash alll the untensils they used. James walked out from the kitchen feeling so exhausted.

" I'm done washing the utensils " said James to me and Albus .

" We're done here, too " Albus said to James.

" Are you sure we didn't forget something? " I asked my brother a little bit tensed.

" Of course Lily, we didn't forget a thing. " James assured me.

" We just need to wait for mum and dad to go down " Albus said to the both of us.

So we waited patiently for mum and dad to go down.

After a few minutes mum and dad went down, when they reached the kitchen they were so amazed to what they saw.

"Good morning mum! Good morning dad! " We greeted them happily.

" Wow! You made all of this? " mum asked us.

" Yes mum! " we answered proudly.

"I'm sure it's all delicious."

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