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Hey peoples, its aajfe here (aka aliceandjasperforever) and if you are on this page, you are too lazy to type in aliceandjasperforever, so you just put aajf, or aajfe in the search bar, or for some reason, you spelled "aliceandjasperforever" wrong, and this is one of the pages that came up through the advanced search page. If you are looking for links they are right here, giving a one way ticket to aajfe land! YAY!!!!!!!! (Yes Laura, there is chocolate!) There are also rainbows, pretty colors, smores, and people who need to post more scarrose and APANTG3 (im not naming names but her intitials are SCARLETMOON579)


that is the link to my user page!

my talk page

my blogs

my followed pages

my contributations!

and all of my blog posts!!!!!!_FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_year_one!_chapter_one.!!!_yay_her!!!!!_part_one.!!!!!!!!!!

If you need to contact me...Edit

If you need to contact me, check my user page, and make sure that im not on vacation, and if i am not, leave a message on my talk page and i will totally try to get back to ASAP, a <3 you all (dont take that the wrong way)

aajfe! the only relationship in twilight worth watching for! 00:38, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

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