Harry's POV

I was still in shock, after the monstrous battle, that ended with Voldemort dead once and for all. Yet, there seemed to be one piece of me still missing. Though, it was it was technically there, the most powerful emotion. Still for the same girl that probably hated me now or didn't know how her brother - my best friend - would react if he knew I still loved her. Though, one thing I had gotten to do, even through this hard journey was getting to know myself. I knew that if a bottled up my emotions, sometime I would explode.That is why I had to to talk to her. I had to talk to Ginny and hope she feels the same.

I walked into the the tattered, destroyed, Great Hall. I recognized Hermione and Mrs. Weasley speaking. I walked over to them. " Hermione?" I asked her.

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