“Where, for the Merlin’s sake, did you get the idea?”

Alane Lily Black


  • 24 January 1978

Blood status

  • Pure-blood


  • Lils
  • Little lady
  • Fair one

Physical information

  • Species - Human
  • Gender - Female
  • Hair - Brown
  • Eyes - Grey with a tint of blue
  • Skin - Light

Family information

  • Annabelle Rose Seymour (mother)
  • Sirius Orion Black (father)
  • Orion Black (paternal grandfather)†
  • Walburga Black (paternal grandmother)†
  • Lillian Claire Seymour (née Jones) (maternal grandmother)†
  • Thomas Alaunus Seymour (maternal grandfather)†
  • Alan William Seymour (maternal uncle)†
  • Potter family
  • Weasley family (possibly)

Magical characteristics

  • Boggart - Serket
  • Wand - Mahogany, 13 inches, phoenix feather
  • Patronus - Dog


  • Occupation - Student
  • House - Gryffindor
  • Loyalty - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Salem Institute of Magic

Silver Thunder Quidditch Team Seymour family

Black family (only her father Sirius and first cousin once removed Andromeda)

Wescott family

Wynn family

“Oh…. It’s really old one actually, I pulled it on my

second year in Salem with 'Brandon and Lucas on

professor Terin. Though he is actually quite nice man,

his lectures on History of Magic can be quite

lethargic so we decided to excite

the people around us.

“That is…-“

“Absolutely brilliant.”

- Alane and the twins about the prank

Alane Lily Seymour (neé Black) (b. 24 January 1978), also known Lils, was a pure-blood witch, daughter of Annabelle Seymour and Sirius Black. She attended Salem Institute of Magic since the age of eleven. Due to her father’s imprisonment and First Wizarding War in general, only two people aside Annabelle know about her as of 1993 and those people respectively are her father Sirius Black and her godmother Ava Wescott . At first her godparents were supposed to be James and Lily Potter but that was changed when they had to go into hiding and Ava was made her godmother at the suggestion of Lily.


Early lifeEdit


Young Alane

Even though no one in British community knew of Alane’s existence, including Remus Lupin, Alane was born on the night of full moon; making her father Sirius absent as he was at the time with James, keeping Remus company. At first, it was believed she had completely inherited her mother’s appearance with brown hair and blue eyes but with time, her eyes obtained the fine shade of grey. With the stress of war and her father’s caution, only Potters and Ava were aware that heir of Houses Black and Seymour was born. When she was three years old, her father got imprisoned on false charges of killing Peter Pettigrew and twelve muggles; and betrayal of Potters something only she, her mother and godmother know. She shares a close relationship with her mother Annabelle, who did her best to fill the obvious gap of father figure.

Alexis bledel 1

Alane in Salem Academy days

Salem Academy yearsEdit

Unlike her parents, at the age of eleven she started to attend Salem Institute of Magic where she quickly made friends with Shannon Wynn , daughter of her mother’s friends Selena and Anthony Wynn. On her first year she already showed her mother’s talent for music and transfiguration but also her father’s propensity for pranks, making her on and off guest of her teacher’s detentions and is often accompanied by Brandon Winchester and Lucas Olsen, her classmates and partners in ‘crime’. Also, she is a successful Quidditch player and currently holds the position of Chaser, making her the only girl on the team. April is her favourite month for pranks and starting with April fool’s day, she serves week worth detentions with Brandon and Lucas regardless the fact they were neither caught nor can anyone prove it was them. Although her mother’s secrecy often annoys her to no end, she knows it is for her won good, knowing that without full protection of her parents, she would become easy target for Death Eaters that remained after defeat of Voldemort, who did not take kindly at being rejected by her parents, both being pure-bloods. Like her mother and aunt, she was surprised at her father’s feat at escaping Azkaban, the best guarded wizarding prison in the world and was saddened by the fact her father still remained wanted fugitive even though the wider circle of people was now aware of his innocence, including her godbrother and distant cousin, Harry Potter.

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