Albus Potter and the Next Generation Year Two is, hence the title, the second year of Albus Potter's adventures at Hogwarts.


Albus and his friends know something's up. How could they not, now that three kids were nearly killed at Laura's summer party? And when they are attacked by ex-Death Eaters on the way back to the Burrow, it's no laughing matter.

Albus's world gets tangled up, now that his girlfriend's famous and his brother is snogging his other best friend, and the revived Dumbledore's Army to top it all off. With hot girls, the coolest Metamorphagus ever, and a ball that may or may not go terribly wrong, this year is going to be EPIC.


Kathryn Allen- second year, famous singer

Albus Potter- second year, from his POV

Laura Trelawney- third year, EXTREME Chocoholic

James Potter ll- third year

Clara West- second year, Metamorphagus

Emerson Pauley- second year

April Giovanni- third year, half-veela

Luke Albright- third year, best chaser for Gryffindor

Lizzibella McGee- third year

Scorpius Malfoy- second year, mean person, not a gost... so what's going on!?

Rose Weasley- second year, not a gost... so what's going on!?

Cassidy Thomas- first year

Notable quotesEdit

"Blondes have more fun." --Clara West