It was a foggy morning in Salem Massachusetts at the Jackson's house. The Jackson's were a wizarding family of noble origin having descended from the magic shamans of the native peoples and the wizards and mages of Europe and Africa. The family was large- filled with many cousins, nephews, nieces, and many, many children. One of those many children was Ishmael; Ishmael was a smaller boy with curly hair and dark skin, and he had many, many siblings: about nine I do believe . He had four elders Bruce, Shawn, Lucille, and Damien, and five younger siblings Jaheim, Henry, Gray, Dania, and Will . He was the middle child aged twelve. In fact, it just so happened that this year he would be switching to a new school,  grades 6-12. The school was called the Salem Institute of Magical Education. 

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