Annabelle Rose Seymour
Kate Beckinsale
Annabelle Seymour in her teaching days


  • 14 January, 1960

Blood status

  • Pure-blood

Marital status

  • Engaged

Also known as

  • Lady Seymour
  • Belle
  • Her ladyship
  • Claws (by Marauders)

Physcial information

  • Species - Human
  • Gender - Female
  • Hair colour - Dark brown
  • Eye colour - Blue
  • Skin colour - Light

Family members

  • Lillian Claire Seymour née Jones (mother)†
  • Thomas Alaunus Seymour (father)†
  • Alane Lily Black (daughter)
  • Alan William Seymour (brother)†
  • Ian Bran Seymour (paternal grandfather)†
  • Susan Innogen Seymour (paternal grandmother)†
  • Damien Cuno Jones(maternal grandfather)†
  • Calista Eleanor Jones(maternal grandmother)†
  • Potter family
  • Weasley family(possibly)

Magical characteristics

  • Animagi - Lioness(unregistered)
  • Wand - Rosewood, fourteen inches, triple core: thestral tail hair, veela hair and moon orchid
  • Patronus - Lioness


  • Occupation - Full time lecturer on music class.Often fill in on other classes (i.e. DADA, Herbology etc.)
  • House - Gryffindor
  • Loyalty - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Order of Phoenix
  • The Marauders
  • Gryffindor
  • Black family(only Sirius and Andromeda)
  • Seymour family
  • Potter family
  • Lupin family
  • Weasley family
  • Wescott family
  • Wynn family

Annabelle Rose Seymour (b.14 January, 1960), also known as Claws, was a pure-blood witch, daughter of Lillian and Thomas Seymour and younger sister to Alan by three years. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1971 to 1978 after which she stayed on school’s premises, working as a full time music teacher.


Early lifeEdit

Born into one of the oldest and richest pure-blood families in the wizarding community, Annabelle is sole heir of the House of Seymour and all its riches that include among other things, a medium sized estate in very southwest of Somerton, Somerset. She had an older brother Alan, who was killed in 1979, whilst trying to protect his family, namely his parents, from Voldemort and group of Death Eaters.

“But, do you have a brother or a sister?” Harry asked and she wondered what brought this on but decided to indulge his question nevertheless.

“I had an older brother by three years. He died about 13 years ago along with my parents. Voldemort doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘no’.” She said sadly.

-Annabelle about her brother

From early age, she was raised quite differently from the principles other pure-blood families drilled into the skulls of their children (i.e. Sirius Black) and was taught to respect and treat everyone equally. Because of the conflicting teachings, Seymour family never married into Black, Malfoy or for that matter, any family that favoured pure-blood elitism or/and held reverence for Dark Arts, earning themselves status of ‘blood-traitors’, not that it mattered to them. Annabelle is aware of distant relation to Potter family by marriage on at least two times, reaching back to early 14th century and she knows there is possibility of being in distant relations to Weasley family although she has no evidence for that since half of the family heraldry has been lost in the fire set off by Voldemort in the night her parents and brother were killed.

Hogwarts yearsEdit

Sarah Bolger 24099 Medium

Young Annabelle

Annabelle enjoyed her adolescent life in Hogwarts, primarily because of the early friendship she made with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Lily Evans whom she all met on the train on the first year. Although she was quite a mischief maker, she was usually the one who came up with pranks rather than actually performing them which in turn did not bring her so many detentions boys usually found themselves in. And from early start, she found herself in a role of a mediator between the pranksters and ever serious Lily Evans with whom she shared dormitory and close friendship that could be also passed as sibling relationship. She went along with the plan of becoming Animagi when she deduced along with other boys that Remus was a werewolf and learned to transform into sandy-brown coated lioness.

Lioness, Olomouc

Annabelle's Animagi

By the third year, Sirius and she started dating although much to Lily’s ‘disgust’ he continued to flirt with other girls in school and Lily often admonished Annabelle for letting him do that. Unlike the boys, she was popular for her voice, intelligence and kindness whereas the boys were popular with students for their pranks. The relationship with the boys became strained when James and Sirius started to bully other students from plain boredom and most of the time their targets were Slytherin students, especially Severus and after particularly nasty incident that almost cost Severus his life, Annabelle stopped talking to the boys, causing primarily Sirius to snap out of it as he became rather depressed by her continuous ignoring. In the seventh year, after months of begging on his part, they resumed their relationship with culmination where Sirius asked her to marry him in the packed Great Hall, making it impossible for her to say ‘no’.

First Wizarding WarEdit


Annabelle during the First Wizarding War

Annabelle joined Order of the Phoenix along with her fiancée immediately after Dumbledore founded it but unlike her friends, she did not leave Hogwarts as she was given the full time post as music teacher.

“A-ha…. You don’t talk to Headmaster and smile widely about nothing. Spill it, girl.” Alice chimed.
“Fine… He offered me place of music teacher as of next school year since professor Canter is retiring.” She said.
-Alice and Annabelle about her new job

Unknown to most of the Order and wiazrding communaity, with exceptions of Ava and Potters, in 1978. Annabelle gave birth to Alane Lily Black , much to Sirius' delight as he always claimed at wanting a daughter. She attended the wedding of Lily and James as Lily’s maid of honour and when Harry was born, she was made his godparent along with Sirius, becoming his legal guardian in case Lily and James died though later she was denied that as she was still engaged to Sirius Black and the fact that Dumbledore insisted for Harry to be put in care of Lily’s sister Petunia, whom Annabelle always despised, because of the blood protection Lily provided to her son. With her fiancée imprisoned for life for ‘murder and heartless betrayal of the Potters’, Annabelle resumed her life as a teacher in Hogwarts.

First year (1991)Edit

In the summer of 1991, Annabelle accompanied Hagrid to desolate rock island in the middle of the ocean where Vernon Dursley took his family (Harry included) for a vacation after the owls stuffed his house with Harry’s letters of admittance to Hogwarts. Upon arrival, she saw that her fear of Harry being mistreated by the Dursleys came true, as Harry was way to thin, small and completely ignorant of his talents or existence of wizarding world prior to her arrival. Taking him away, she took up as her responsibility to familiarize the boy as much as possible about wizarding community and made sure he had all of his supplies for school. When the school began, she had regular visits from Harry, Ron and Hermione among the river of students that usually came for help with their subjects. She was also the one who bought him his first racing broom after he displayed avid, natural skills in flying. Along with other staff, she was assigned to guard the third floor and consequently the Philosopher’s stone which Voldemort was keen to steal and restore his body. Her distrust in Quirell later revealed to be valid, as at the end of the school year he tried to kill Harry at the order of Voldemort who possessed him, probably from the time when he was in Albania. She was pleased and happy, along with other staff and students when Gryffindor won the house cup, ending the seven year row for the Slytherin house.

Second year (1992)Edit

Annabelle spent her summer by grading music pieces she assigned third years to do and partially worrying about Harry who was not responding to her letters. Later it was discovered that a house-elf kept Harry’s mail. She had a short brush off with Lucius Malfoy in Diagon Alley after listening to his idiotic and rude ramble about Arthur Weasley and his family. The year started off good but soon she found herself worried, like other teachers when Chamber of Secrets was opened. At first she refused to believe such chamber even existed but relented when students started to fall victims to the unknown monster, later revealed to be basilisk. Throughout the school year, she frequently criticised Lockhart’s teaching or lack of to be more specific and was disgusted by his continuous attempts to flirt with her. At the end of the year, she nearly had a heart attack after Harry and Ron made a heroic leap at saving Ron’s younger sister, Ginny, from the Chamber of Secrets which resulted in Harry killing the basilisk by almost killing himself in the process. After she saw the students off, she was invited to Dumbledore’s office who queried her about her about visiting Azkaban with Minster in the summer, resulting in her defensive stance and prompting that it would not be the first time she visited Sirius as most people have been lead to believe.

“I hear you are going to Azkaban this summer.” Dumbledore said as she came to his office.
“Got a problem with that?” she asked defensively.
“Not at all, my dear. I cannot order you to stop loving Sirius. I am merely curious why you are visiting him now, after all these years.” He said, eyeing his young employee behind his spectacles.
“Who says this is the first time I visited him?” she retorted in serious tone.
-Dumbeldore and Annabelle about her soon Azkaban visit


Forever faithful

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