Aria waited anxiously at the station. "Come on, come on, hurry up!" she whispered to herself. The train would come any minute now, and she had already said her goodbyes to her family, namely Aunt Gertrude and her mother. Though her mother insisted on staying with her child, Aria dismissed her, for the less people were with her, the more significant that amazing feeling was.

Aria had dreamt of this day time and time again. It wasn't because she hated her family or her life. Quite the opposite, actually. She had a loving family and all, but meeting her friends and practising the ancient art of magic was what really made her happy. Her best friend, George Ferris, had always comforted her when she was sad or upset. He had a certain way with words that made anyone he talked to follow his orders. Aria wasn't sure if it was pure charisma, magic or something different entirely. But if there was one thing it was, it was definitely useful when the two got in trouble with the prefects.

The train arrived soon, and as she entered the vehicle, she saw George. The very image of his face put a smile on the 12-year-old witch's face. George smiled back at her as they entered the train together. Together they sat, and together they talked.

"So, what was the highlight of your holiday, Aria?" George asked, sounding excited to hear any news of what his best friend did over the holidays.

"Oh, just the visit to the Magical History Museum," Aria answered in a nochalant tone.

"Seriously?" George exclaimed.

"Of course."

How cool is it?"

"Amazing! It has a complete collection of wands from famous wizards!"

"Amazing!" George echoed.

"What about you, George?" said the black-haired girl.

"Nothing but helping my parents study magical plants," he said unexcitedly.

"Oh, okay. It must be awesome to be surrounded by so much magic," Aria said, trying to cheer George up.

"Nah. It's all 'lamb-vegetable this, mandrake that', and it's not even half as exciting as Mr. Brown's class, and that was the second dullest thing I've ever been to," complained George.

"Oh come one, it can't be that bad. You're sure to be amazing at Herbology because of your exposion to so many magical plants," Aria pointed out.

"Well, I guess it can't be so bad when Herbology is one of your major subjects," said George, a tiny bit more optimistic after Aria talked to him.

The ride wasn't that bad. When George and Aria weren't talking to each other, they were reading books, and both had a great love of books, so it kept them entertained. As soon as they knew it, they were at Hogwarts.

Together, they took their first steps off of the train. "Today is the start of the new year," said Aria, who grinned as she walked into Hogwarts.

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