Chapter 2: The First DayEdit

Today was the first day of classes. We had breakfast first and then we continued on to our classes. First, I had Transfiguration with a couple of other Gryffindors and some Slytherins. I then realized how much I loathed Slytherins. They are just so rude and annoying! Then I had Potions next with almost the same people. Professor Snape was our teacher. He scared me a little. During the first Potions, he said,

"Mr. Potter, our new celebrity."

Then I saw everyone around the room whispering Harry Potter's name. My only question was, who was he? I had no idea why they were talking about him like he just moved to their school and was, like a movie star or something. I knew Harry only because he was in my house and I talked to him at breakfast that morning. But I didn't understand why everyone was talking about him like that. I wondered if it was just a British thing. I wouldn't know because i'm not British, i'm secretly American. In Defense Against the Dark Arts, I ended up sitting next to Harry. We talked a bit and he turned out to be really cool. A girl named Parvati turned back to face us when the teacher wasn't looking and she said,

"Hi, Harry. Im Parvati Patil. It's an honour to meet you. Whoa that's weird! You two have the same exact eyes!"

Harry and I were puzzled and confused. We looked at eachother and looked at eachother's eyes. It was like looking in a mirror. Our eyes were exactly the same. No one had our eyes. No one. After that incident happened, we spent more time with eachother. We talked more and got to know eachother better. Before we knew it, we were friends and I was talking to him everyday. Before I asked Harry why he was so famous, I asked Dean and Seamus. Let's just say that that was not my brightest idea. I asked, "Who's Harry Potter?"

Seamus responded, "Did you just say who's Harry Potter?"

"Yeah I did. What's the big deal?" I said, eagerly confused.

Seamus quickly responded, "He only destroyed You-Know-Who!"

"Who's that?" I said, feeling confused

"Gosh do you not know who anyone is?! Where have you been living? Under a rock?" said Seamus dumbfounded.

"What Seamus is trying to say is that everyone knows who You-Know-Who and Harry Potter are. You're by far the only person that doesn't know who they are. Why?" Dean said sympathetically.

I said embarrased, " I don't know. My parents never told me! Now that I think about it, they were always very private."

"Well you have to ask your parents who they are because i'm pretty positive that Seamus can't tell you without insulting you and thinking that you're a complete thickhead." Dean said with concern.

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