Halloween passed by and a troll was let out of the dungeon. Harry, Ron and Hermione stopped it in the girls bathroom. The troll was knocked out for several hours. Now you might be thinking, 'Why did she not go into detail? i mean it's a troll!' Well, Halloween was not the part that I was looking forward to. the part that I was looking forward to was Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! It has so much amazing food! Turkey, stuffing, cranberry jelly, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy and pumpkin pie. It's one of my favorite holidays of the year. But little did I realize that America was the only country that celebrates Thanksgiving. As I was anticipating Thanksgiving, I was talking to Harry about it while we were eating lunch. "Hey Harry, are you excited for Thanksgiving?"

"What's thanksgiving?"

"Don't you guys celebrate it here?"

"No not really. How do you guys celebrate it?"

"Well, we just eat a lot of really great food. It's actually very good."

"I bet Ron would love that."

And sure enough, Ron and Hermione came in and sat with us.

"What would I love?" Ron asked.


"What's Thanksgiving?"

"Thanksgiving is a holiday in America where you eat food." I kindly explained to him.

His jaw dropped immeadiatly. "When is it?"

"Its November 20-something. It's always on a thursday during a certain week."

"What kind of foods are served?"

"Turkey, gravy, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, cranberry jelly, stuffing and pumpkin pie."

"Bloody hell, I think i'm in love."

"Well it's too bad that England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving cause in America, we got let off of school. Cause if we did, you could try some of the Thanksgiving food."

"Lily, are you home sick?" Hermione asked."

"Yeah i'm very home sick."

"I bet it's strange. You know, living in a different country." said Harry.

"It was very strange actually. I never thought that America was that different from England, but they really are."

"What's America like?" said Hermione.

"Well it all depends on where you're going. Have you heard of a certain place?"

"Well I wasn't thinking of one particular place really. Where did you live in America?" Harry said.

"I'm from Chicago, Illinois. It's in the Mid-West."

"What's Chicago like?" Ron said.

"Chicago is amazing, especially during the winter. During the winter, its magical. There's lights everywhere, the snow is so fluffy and white, tall buildings that shine bright. I can't really explain it. But when i see it, i know that i'm home."

"It sounds absolutely beautiful! I've always wanted to go to America. It sounds spectacular." Hermione said.

"It really is."

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