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This story features Albus Severus Potter's kids, twins Sadie and Severus, and later Tessie. Sadie and Severus are faternal twins, but look as simillliar as boy and girl can, both have black hair, Sadie's is wavy and Severus's is rather untidy, and green eyes, Sadie wears thick black horn rimmed glasses and Severus wears thin round ones. Tessie has her mother's dark brown, curly hair and dark skin, it's rather hard to tell she is related to Sadie and Sev, and her dad's emerald eyes. It also includes James, Lily's, Rose's, and Hugo's kids, and occasionally the children of Teddy and Victorie Lupin. Extra: Sadie, Sev, and Tessie's mother is Roxxane Potter (nee Weasley), daughter of George Weasly and Angelina Johnson. James married a Slytherin, Jaden Xerina, while Lily married Luna's son Lorcan, Rose married Scorpius Malfoy (As mentioned in the story), and Hugo marrieda Muggle-born Ravenclaw, Fabina Diddlebin.

Chapter 1 Platform Nine and Three-Quarters Edit

"Come on Dad! We're gonna miss the train!" Sadie exclaimed, pulling her dad by the arm. Her twin, Severus, smirked and rolled his eyes.

"Relax Sadie, the train doesn't leave for fifteen more minutes." Albus said, ruffling his daughter's hair. Sadie crossed her arms over her chest and pouted slightly, before finally giving in and sitting down on her trunk. She reached into her purse and grabbed a hand mirror and comb to fix her hair.

"Yeah sis, you made us get up at the crack of dawn." Severus remarked, leaning back against a pole. Sadie frowned and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

"I made you get up at 7:00. You usually get up I noon, I might add."

"WILL YOU PUH-LEASE STOP FIGHTING FOR TWO SECONDS!" Tessie yelled, stopping her foot.

"OK, OK, jeeze Tess, for such a little girl you have a big temper." Sadie said. She glanced at her black watch. "Come on Dad, Mum, five more minutes and I want to get a compartment before they're all taken."

"OK, see you Rosie!" Albus said, waving.

"Bye Auntie Rosie," Tess said, hugging Rose around the waist, before running off after the family.

"i still can't belive she threw herself away like that. Scorpius Malfoy of all the people to fall in love with. You 'n Tess better not fall in love with a Malfoy, Sadie, or I will-"

"Bregrudgingly except her desision?" Albus cut across Roxanne.

Sadie heard her mother murmur something that sounded suspiciously like "Not likely,"

Sadie raced ahead and pulled her brother with her through the barrier. Up ahead she could see the crimson train over hundreds of heads. "Ooh! Come on Sev! I wanna get a compartment With Zade and Vivvy!" She paused and turned around, giving Tessie a great hug. "I'll miss you Tess, I promise to write tons!" She then proceeded to hug her Mum and Dad, again promising to write. Sev gave them each a hug too, but said nothing but "Bye! See you at Christmas!" Before racing off after Sadie.

Yeah that was short. And lame. Next chapter will be better and third will be longer. But for now follow and next chapter will come soon. Third chapter might be delayed though because I have my state test coming up and it's a four day thing starting on March 5th ending on March 8th.

Chapter 2:

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