Authors NoteEdit

In this Chapter Sadie and Sev get sorted, meet friends, and go on adventures. Sev bites off a little more than he can chew with hsi own adventure of one. Meanwhile Sadie's realationship with a certian Gryffendor is slowly growing and will change everything.

Chapter 2: The Sorting HatEdit

Sadie was literally shaking with excitement as the hat was placed on her head. The ragged hat flopped down onto her eyes, but only for a second before the hat bellowed "GRYFFENDOR!" Sadie gracefully pulled the hat off her head and handed it to Headmaster Flitwick.

Severus, on the other hand was not so excited. He stood boredly in line, twirling his wand gently between his fingers. Oak and unicorn hair, by the way. He was called right after Sadie. When the hat was placed on the boy's head, he turned his nose up in such a way that the hat could not possibly fall down over his eyes. The hat was barely on Sev's head before it shouted "GRYFFENDOR!" Severus stood up, handed the hat to the Headmaster, than went to join his sister, who was sitting with Zade, Vivica, Gina, and Draco (The second).

"Scoot-over," Sadie said, grunting as she tried to push Draco out of the way. She smiled at Severus as he came over and sat down beside her.

Sadie lie on her bed, deep under the blankets. Her breast fell and rose slowly. Her eyes where closed and her glasses on the bed table, but she was not asleep. She could not sleep. Excitment engulfed her like a wave. She thought of the new friends she had made, Cindy and Claire. She thought of the adventures she hoped to have. But most of all she thought of her new found crush, Draco Malfoy the second.

Severus slept much easier that night. The second his head hit his pillows, it felt, he slipped into deep, dreamless slumber.

Sadie was jumping on the spot infront of her first class, Potions. She had woken an hour early, scarfed down breakfast, personally delivered by House Elf, Kreacher, ran to the Potions class room, and had been there for ten minutes before the doors opened and a rush of students entered.

Without realizing she had done it, Sadie was sitting beside Draco, who had his arm around her shoulders. "Gotcha," He said, smiling. Sadie turned as red as a radish, wondering is he had a crush on her too.

"I bet your amazing at potions, your mum, dad, and grandpa all where," Sadie noted.

The strawberry blond shrugged. His gray-green eyes glinted before he turned his attention to Professor Slughorn.

That was short. Maybe a little bit less lame though. Next one will be longer I PROMISE.

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