A/N: Sorry it has been so long since a new chapter came out. I have MAJOR writers block. Even my usual un-blocker (Music) hasn't been helping. So glad I finally go this chaoter out, even is I did have to write a dozen crappy one-shots in the agonising(SP?)-ly long process. I am also aware that, since the last chapter was their first day and this one is Chirstmas Holidays, that the chapter is a bit time-skippish, but it helped me a lot to just skip to this point. Also I'm trying to write it as Sev because Sadie is driving me crazy. That and I'm really good at playing annoying gits.

Chapter 3: HolidaysEdit

Severus groaned inwardly as he aproached the breakfast table.

"Seriously Sadie? A book? At breakfast? What the heck is wrong with you?" He asked as he sat in the seat across from her. Sadie just rolled her eyes and took another bite of toast.

"Honestly, mate, how did you end up with her for a sister?" His cousin, Zaden, asked.

"Hey. I've been asking myself the same thing since I was born." Sev repilied as he piled food onto his plate. He looked at his sister and couldn't help but shake his head. With her frizzy black hair, huge nerd glasses, and geeky multi-colored bangles, she was too nerdy for her own good.

"She should have been in Ravenclaw, Zaden said, shaking his head. Sev nodded as he looked at his sister. No doubt that in four years she'd have a prefect badge on her chest.

"You better be all packed Severus, we're leaving almost right after breakfast." Sadie said as she finished her toast.

"Ugh, I told you not to call me Severus, you prat." Sev said angrily.

"Git," She muttered. Sadie stood up and walked off, probably to make sure she had her bags packed.

"Well," Sev began as he inhaled his last piece of bacon. "I better go to, she'll be at my back all day if we're not the first ones on the train," He stood up tiredly and dragged himself after his sister.

Yep. That was so short and sucked so bad. Next one will be better...maybe.

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