Hugo Weasley and the Elf's Wand is the sequel to Hugo Weasley and the family of fire. This year goes over Quidditch, Chaos,snogging and Hard Decisions.


The plot is in 1975 a sneaky house elf called Rookai made a wand and tricked his owner, Caradoc Dearborn, to give him the wand. 45 years later in 2020 Hugo finds the wand and the Mafia want it. Lots of chaos happens in Hogwarts this year. And to make things worse Hugo's got a second girlfriend,Johnathan's family has a dark secret and there is an depressed Auror.



  • Hugo Weasley, back for more.
  • Johnathan Mckin Mckin, Hugo's Irish best friend.
  • Mary Pad, Johnthan's girlfriend and smart friend of Hugo.
  • Moran Roulder, a 'friend' of Hugo.
  • Alex Rokei, a beater for Hufflepuff QT and shes Rokay with Hugo and she's also Zac's girlfriend
  • Zac Omen, Beater with Alex for Hufflepuff QT and dating her
  • Piers Ogal, Chaser for Hufflepuff QT and the captain of the entire team
  • Matthew O'dong, Chaser for Hufflepuff QT and boyfriend of Scarlet Lovegood
  • Missy Wolz, Miss Missy Wolz is the chaser for Hufflepuff QT and dates Hugo
  • Scarlet Lovegood, A Ravenclaw dating Matthew who takes back her advice to Hugo last year.
  • Mandy Mckin, John's younger sister.
  • Clara Robinson, A ravenclaw and best friend of Scarlet.


  • Minerva Mcgonagall, Headmistress for Hogwarts, her last year as Headmistress
  • Neville Longbottom, Deputy-head for hogwarts and teacher of Herbology
  • Luke Flitwick, Hugo's childish godfather and rolemodel
  • Laura Black, As it says on her card: WANDNMAKERR, even she has spelling mistakes

Wizard MafiaEdit

  • Don John Prestovi, John the don leads the mafia
  • Lorenzo, John's personal Bodyguard,
  • Knutkles, Best Man and leader of the Non-stop attack
  • Bullets, Sniper and leader of the Non-stop attack sniper squad.
  • Non-stop attack, the group of the mafia when the go out for 'buisness' which also has a sniper squad.

Aurors and othersEdit

  • Inspector Fred Roughly, (PARODY OF GEORGE GENTLY) who is 105.
  • Teddy Lupin, Secretive person
  • Paddy Mckin, Dad of Johnathan
  • Micky Mckin, Brother of John
  • Shane Mckin, Brother of John
  • Jamie Mckin, Brother of John
  • Rookai, the dead house elf whos spirit lives in the wand.
  • Caradoc Dearborn, a man who faded into thin air.

Ohio OgresEdit

  • Daniel Rand - Keeper.
  • Rick Rasand - Beater.
  • Ed Pod - Beater.
  • Percy Pervilee- Seeker and newest member.
  • Des Raymond - Chaser mainly on the right and youngest member.
  • Bernard Darr - Chaser on the left and oldest (both in age and playing for OO) member (playing for 10 world cups running).
  • Kathryn Rand - Chaser and Captain. Write a auto-biography called Only Ogres which johnny has read 3 times over.

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