The I Know You're Going To Hate Me Myriad (formerly Triad) is comprised of several 'universes', all canon compliant and all featuring the same character history. All those branching off the main universe are refered to as Alternaverses. The first is as yet the only one (partially) written, as found in the fic I Know You're Going To Hate Me. These fics are created and written by Sorcha Loupvoix with occasional help by Update/Vinyaya, and informally refered to as 'Ikey'.



I Know You're Going To Hate Me - Sorcha Loupvoix (in-progress, posted, revisions planned)Edit

Rowena Ravenclaw (werewolf) meets her fellow founders, falls in love, and struggles with her past and its implications.

{UNTITLED} - Update (in-progress, unposted)Edit

An alternating narrative of Rowena's doomed romance with Keith (past) and his slow return from bitterness and struggle with it as he finds a second love (present).

Salazar's Daughters - Sorcha Loupvoix (in progress, un-posted)Edit

An alternating narrative of Helena's and Despina's lives after their mother's death, originally planned as Helena's life from her death back to her mother's, and of Despina's forward from that point. (This is now being framed within a bestselling book released in the wizarding world.)

{UNTITLED} - Sorcha Loupvoix (not yet begun)Edit

Detailing (a portion of) the remainder of Despina's life.


Keithverse: This sub universe details how events would have unfolded had Rowena been honest about her lycanthropy with Keith. Their marriage must undergo stresses as her father finds her, and later, as she teaches at Hogwarts. Salazar is stalked by a student who is convinced he is a vampire.

Beowulfverse: Very similar to Keithverse, but a detail in how she tells Keith and her father's subsequent revenge nearly destroy both of them. Affairverse: This sub universe supposes that Rowena was able to prevent herself from mauling Keith. She remains married to him, but her secret destroys their relationship until she is driven into an affair - with Salazar.

Escapeverse: A sub universe where Helena manages to escape after about two years as Edward's captive. Compliant until Rowena is merely wounded rather than killed.

EsGabeverse: A sub universe identical to Escapeverse except that Despina and Gabe begin a romantic relationship.

Vinceverse: A sub universe where Vince sees Helena in Edward's company at a party and attempts to save her. Compliant up until that point.

Rescueverse: A sub universe where Salazar is able to discover Helena's whereabouts and rescue her from Edward. Compliant up until that point.

Cornelioverse: A 'just-for-fun' sub universe inspired by Gabeverse compliant until Despina's seventh year when she and Cornelio are caught in a compromising position.

Rowenaverse: A sub universe compliant up to the point of Rowena's death, where it is averted.

Gabeverse: A sub universe identical to Rowenaverse except that Despina and Gabe begin a romantic relationship.

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