Jean Maxime is a fanfiction character created by @JaydaVador on Wattpad. She is an alternate-dimension version of Pansy Parkinson, in which Pansy still exists but Jean takes her place as Draco Malfoy's boyfriend.

According to the fanfiction story of which Jean is the star, "Death Eaters Can Love Too", she hangs out with Draco Malfoy's gang and a small group of girls consisting of one student from each house. This group has Jean as the Slytherin, Katie Hopkirk (Mafalda Hopkirk's fictional daughter) as the Gryffindor, Tazmin Skeeter (Rita Skeeter's fictional niece) as the Hufflepuff and Myra Zephyr as the Ravenclaw.

Jean also interacts with Ravenclaws Emmeline Hooch (Madame Hooch's daughter) and Finn Spinnet (Alicia Spinnet's younger brother).

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