Josette Crenshaw


May 7, 1980

Blood Status


Hair Color

Pale Blonde

Eye Color

Light Green

Skin Color




Other Known Aliases

Josie (By Draco)

Family Members

Emilianna Crenshaw (Mother)

Vincent Crenshaw (Father)

Others Unknown

Josette 'Josie' Josephina Crenshaw (b. 7 May 1980) is the daughter of Vincent and Emilianna Crenshaw and the adoptive daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy (neé Black). She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1991 to 1998 and was sorted into the house of Slytherin.

Josette at age 17.


Although one could never guess based on her appearance, Josette Crenshaw was born under what some would call unusual circumstances. Her parents, despite their 'noble' lineage, kept a great deal hidden from their only daughter. Ignorant of the secrets hidden from her at a very young age, she was raised alongside the only child of the Malfoy's, Draco. Both families, the Blacks and Crenshaws, had been close for as long as anyone still alive could remember, so it was only common sense that Josette and Draco should be friends. Of course, the Malfoy family did not know about Josette's past, about the dark history stalking her like an ebony shadow. 

It wasn't until one curious teacher 'unlocked' her memories that had long since been hidden from her that the Wizarding World discovered her true identity. That she was no longer Josie Crenshaw, but that she was someone much darker and much less pure. Through the recognition of a hidden ability, her entire lineage will be rewritten and her entire life will shift into a downhill spiral ending with a final battle that could very well end her life.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Josette's Ring

Josette's ring.

Josette has long blonde hair with light green eyes. Sometimes she changes her appearance because she is a Metamorphmagus, so this description does not always hold true. Because of her affection for the color of her eyes, she does not change them. She wears a white gold ring on her left middle finger of a snake encircling her finger. Having been raised to believe she was Pure-blood, her room and clothes are often decorated with the colors silver and green to signify her Slytherin heritage.

Josette is cunning, intelligent, and wily, but with these characteristics comes her display of arrogance and superiority to all those either not in Slytherin or of less than 'Pure-Blood.' She has a sharp, sarcastic tongue that she was taught to use against anyone with different blood status than her. She is competitive even with those closest to her and tends to get a bit carried away in games. However, unlike her counterpart Draco, she would rather duel smeone herself than have henchman do it for her. She also knows when an opponent is beaten and is not cowardly enough to run away from a fight. Although, like Draco, she has a tendency to manipulate people to get what she wants.

Early LifeEdit

Josette 5

Josette at age 6.

As a child, Josette's best friend was Draco Malfoy who dubbed her with the
Josette 2

Josette at age 1.

nickname 'Josie' after having a hard time pronouncing her name as a young child.

"Why would a British family give their daughter a name best fitted to a student from Beauxbaton's?" -Lucius Malfoy, 1983 after Draco met young Josette.

The two of them were often seen planning practical jokes to be played on their House Elves. More often than not, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were the ones who actually carried the pranks out which meant that neither Draco or Josette were ever blamed or reprimanded for them. As young children, Draco and Josette were inseperable and both families hoped that when the two were older, they would link the two families through marriage. 

Hogwarts Years (1991-1998)Edit

In Diagon Alley, Josette and Draco met Harry Potter, and have a short conversation about their disaproval
Josette 3

Josette at age 11.

behind Muggle-borns attending Hogwarts, but part ways without introductions.

On the Hogwarts Express, Josette and Draco peek into Harry and Ron's compartment and attempt to make friends with Harry Potter in hopes of gaining popularity among the other students by being friends with 'The Boy Who Lived.' Their attempt failed due to their insults regarding the Weasley family and Hagrid.

"Interesting. Interesting. A good heart, but a sharp tongue and a long lineage of nobility. And...oh! There's a family history not yet known to you. I know just where you should go. SLYTHERIN!" '-The Sorting Hat, The Sorting on September 1, 1991.

After arriving at Hogwarts, Josette was sorted into Slytherin along with Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini, Parkinson, and others. Josette and Pansy made enemies quickly due to Pansy's tendency to 'cling' to Draco. It was during this year that she drifted away from Draco a bit and closer to Blaise Zabini. Blaise, although highly dismissive and often snobby, took a liking to Josette both for her outward appearance and 'pure-blood' status. Although Draco became a favorite of the Potions master, Josette began to dislike him and marked him as untrustworthy although Severus Snape seemed to be neutral in regards to her. 

Despite Draco being given 'servants' work' along with Harry, Hermione, and Neville, Josette had been in bed the night of "The Midnight Duel" and was not given detention; however, the night of Draco's detention, Josette sneaked out of the dormatories and followed while in a daze. That night something strange happened between her and the very weak Dark Lord that she did not remember. Since Josette had not agreed to help Draco the night of "The Midnight Duel," he held a grudge against her, rarely acknowledged her in conversation, and hung around Pansy more often simply to annoy Josette. Therefore, Josette spent more time with Blaise Zabini, becoming close friends by the end of their first year and never knowing what really happened that night.

Chapter 1 of Josette Crenshaw and the Dangers of Deceit link below:

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