Kathryn Allen is a character who is in the fanfiction The Next Generation and the Deathly Hallows and others.

In The Next Generation and the Deathly HallowsEdit

Kathryn is in Slytherin house and is the best friend of Lily Luna Potter. Her biggest role will be in book three, Lily Potter and the Invisibility Cloak. She can tell people's emotions, an ability first revealed in James Potter and the Elder Wand.

Lily Potter and the Return of Some Crappy PeoplesEdit

Kathryn Allen is one of Lily's best friends, and is greatly amused when Lily will completely look like Clara West, sneaking off behind her, and mimicking her when she's talking to people. She shares Lily's great talent in music, since she plays piano. She and Lily release a song as a partnership in one of the sequels to Lily Potter and the Return of Some Crappy Peoples. (Most likely in Lily Potter and the Ride of My Life).

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