Lily potter final battle doll

Lily Potter about to fight in the battle of the black lake.

Lily Potter and the End (yes the end, duh duh duhhhh) is the story of Lily Potter's seventh and final year at Hogwarts, and is the sequal to Lily Potter and the Sober Seven.


Lily and Charlotte begin preparing. For the finall battle of course. Jolene is working up her army. It will be stronger, and it is still her plan to steal Lawrence from Lily. This all leads up to the final battle. The Battle of the Black Lake. Will they all survive. Not even aajfe knows! GASP! This is going to be epic!

OK, change of plans. The finale for the Lily Potter series will be epic. But I decided that there is going to be a change of plot from Jolene trying to steal Lawrence away from Lily. But she is in love with some one else. Some one who died in the Battle of the Shreaking Shack (the battle that started the third wizarding war in Lily Potter and the Fight Of My Life) There were only two casualties and Jolene believes that the death of her "one" is Lily's fault. Lily and Charlotte are still planning, but no one knows who betrayed them in the begining. It could even be some one in the DA2 itself. Will they all survive, ONLY AAJFE KNOWS! If you are brave enough to know. Scroll and click on the link. The page already exists. But you will only know who died if you click on these links.

Casualty uno (Jolene's love) Casualty dos

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