Lily Snape (nee Evans; born 1960, and sometimes called Lily Snape Jr because of her mother-in-law Lily Snape) is a Muggle-born witch, who married Severus Snape in 1982, and had two children with him: Lily Snape III (later Lily Pettigrew), and Callidum Forti Snape. She went to Hogwarts School in 1971, and was sorted into Slytherin along with her future husband. In 1978, she became death Eater following her husband's recruition to the group. She is the only known Mudblood Death Eater.

Lily Snape (nee Evans)
Lily Snape II .pngpx
Vital statistics
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Gender female
Race Witch
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Status Muggle-born
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Lily Snape II

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