Nicole Clemence Andrews (born September 20, 2005) is a pure-

Nicole A2

Nicole Clemence Andrews

blood witch born to Camilla Black and Frank Andrews, and is the older sister of Alex Andrews. She is from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and is amazing at dancing and playing tennis and swimming.


Early LifeEdit

Nicole Andrews was born in Connecticut, the first of two children, to Camilla and Frank. Nicole has always been an amazing dancer, taking dancing classes from when she was 6. She had a younger brother, Alex, when she was two. Her, mother is the daughter of Aria Gratzki , who was the "long-term" girlfriend of Sirius Black, and sometime in her seventh year, got pregnant with Nicole's mother. Nicole is expected to be in the next line of Alcantvi, who are protectors of the Good, and has the ability to "Shimmer".

Hogwarts YearsEdit

Nicole befriended Albus Potter on the train to Hogwarts, where they shared a compartment and ate Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. And although they got sorted into differednt houses, they still remained friends. In her third year, she seemed to have matured, and could be, developing feelings for Albus, although it is not verified. She is also good friends with Rose Weasley, and the Potters and Weasleys in general.
Nicole A3

Nicole as a kid, holding her stuffed toy, Mr. Fluffykins.


Nicole has dark brown, wavy hair that stops a bit below her shoulders and is always parted to the left. She only wears her hair in a ponytail during Potions class. She has cerulean, almond-shaped eyes, and pink lips. She also has fair skin and a slender body. She takes more after her grandmother, Aria , all exept for the eyes, which she got from her paternal family.


Nicole may not be the nicest girl around, but she makes up for it with her loyalty and dedication. She prioritizes what's important and never let's ANYTHING get in the way of what she wants to accomplish. She is a strong person and never breaks down because of peer pressure and teasing. She likes to make new friends and likes to brighten everyone's day up and find the sun beneath the clouds. She has a sarcastic sense of humor and can be very shy on the first meeting. She tends to be loud and hyper and childish. She is one of the most stubborn people you'll ever meet. She usually changes her mind and her sarcasm can come off as rudeness if you don't really know her well. She expresses her opinion in a blunt fashion and wouldn't care if anyone got offended. She can be shy on the first meeting, fumbling for words and stammering, but she'll warm up to you later.

Where you can find her.....Edit

Swish and Flick , by Padfoot and Prongs Inc at

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