Help! I cant make pictures appear on this wiki! i found a picture that will work for Laura Tre. or Laura Black. If someone could go on HP wiki and find Pansy_Parkinson_in_first_year.png‎, bring it here and it should work. THANKS! -LegolasFan- oh and, when we get the picture, delete this article as it is useless in all other ways! THANKS AGAIN!

I found another picture that could work for either Laura in her fourth year when we make APATNGY3 or a Laura Black picture when she was a kid. Please Upload Pansy_card_HBP_1.jpg‎ . THANKS AGAIN AGAIN!

Guess what? ANOTHER one! please Upload 1262859793304_f.jpg‎ . It could be used for Laura Trealawney on the Train or Laura Black on the train. THANKS AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!

Heres another one! PansyParkinson1.PNG . THANKS AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!

And another one... Pansy HBP.PNG and ps. to let u know, any photo that shows her with a slytherin thingy on must be for laura t. not laura b. Thanks!

Do I even need to say it? Genevieve gaunt.jpg .

Got 1 for you uploading the others: Laura Black5 Hope u enjoy it.HEAD BOY HERE! 15:47, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

The others:

  • Laura B
  • Laura
  • Laura Trelawney

    this one is LT cause shes wearing slytherin clothes

  • LauraT
  • 426px-Genevieve gaunt

There u go. woops bout the last one! --HEAD BOY HERE! 16:53, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

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