Phoebe Malfoy


7th April 2010


Fifi (by family and friends)


N/A (she had not begun attending Hogwarts in the story)

Blood status

Pureblood (Pureblood father, Pureblood mother)

Family members

Elisabetta Selwyn (mother)
Draconis Malfoy (father)
Rigel Malfoy (brother)
Capella Malfoy (sister)
Asterion Malfoy (brother)
Narcissa Malfoy (paternal grandmother)
Lucius Malfoy (paternal grandfather)

Phoebe Narcissa "Fifi" Malfoy is the fourth child and youngest daughter of Draconis Malfoy and Elisabetta Selwyn (formerly Elisabetta Malfoy, prior to her divorce), and the younger sister of Rigel, Capella and Asterion Malfoy. She is one of the four focus characters of the story, 'The Serpent's Second Chance', by PrincessDaydream77.


Early LifeEdit

Phoebe was born on 7th April 2010. As a young girl, she grew up with her mother and siblings in a small apartment in Wizarding London, where the family had moved after the divorce had taken place. She did not meet her father until she was almost six years old.

Return to Malfoy ManorEdit

At some point during the Easter holidays, in 2016, Phoebe made her first trip to Malfoy Manor, alongside her mother and siblings. On this occasion, she first met her father and paternal grandparents, none of them having had any idea of the girl's existance.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Phoebe has golden blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, both looks that she is described as having inherited from her paternal grandmother, Narcissa Malfoy. She is extremely small, even for her age, at five years old, and is half the size of her eldest brother, Rigel, who is sixteen years old. She seems to not have inherited many traits of appearence from either of her parents, but she has certain aspects within her, such as her mother's facial shape and her father's cheekbones.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Phoebe is an extremely quiet child, particularly with people that she does not know, and hardly speaks at all. She does not seem to have the Slytherin traits that are widely possessed in her family. However, she has a very loving and caring personality, to the people she knows, and is a very intelligent girl.

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