Rigel Malfoy


12th October 2000


Rige (by family and friends)


Slytherin (Hogwarts)

Blood status

Pureblood (Pureblood father, Pureblood mother)

Family members

Elisabetta Selwyn (mother)
Draconis Malfoy (father)
Capella Malfoy (sister)
Asterion Malfoy (brother)
Phoebe Malfoy (sister)
Narcissa Malfoy (paternal grandmother)
Lucius Malfoy (paternal grandfather)

Rigel Draconis "Rige" Malfoy is the first child and eldest son of Draconis Malfoy and Elisabetta Selwyn (formerly Elisabetta Malfoy, prior to divorce), and the elder brother of Capella, Asterion and Phoebe Malfoy. He is one of the four focus characters of the story, 'The Serpent's Second Chance', by PrincessDaydream77.


Early LifeEdit

Rigel was born on 12th October 2000. As a young child, he grew up at his ancestrial home, Malfoy Manor, in Wiltshire, with his mother, father and siblings. At the age of ten, Rigel's parents seperated and divorced after a sudden breakdown of their marriage occured, leaving Rigel to leave the house with his mother, sister and brother (Phoebe was not yet born). He had no contact with his father for the next six and a half years.

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