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c. 2006

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Rose Weasley (c. 2006) is the daughter, and first born child, of Ron and Hermione Granger and the sister of Hugo Weasley.

In Albus Potter and the Next GenerationEdit

She is most notable to be the first "death" in the Albus Potter and the Next Generation series of blogs, "dying" from injuries sustained in battle in chapter 8, part 1. Rose dated Scorpius Malfoy, and when she came back to Hogwarts as a ghost, she told Albus she tried to bring him back as a ghost too. As it turns out, Rose had not died, she had simply gone into a very deep coma. When she awoke, she was inside her tomb! Thankfully, she had her wand, so she levitated the top off and got out.


Rose is, as described by her cousin Albus, "a girl next door". She was optimistic. Rose believed in everyone. She believed that the spotlight was not for her. Rose takes many traits from her mother, like being smart and thinking Divination was foolish.

Magical Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Rose was brilliant in her studies at Hogwarts, like her mother. She found Defence Against the Dark Arts one of the easiest subjects for her, as her uncle and and father were Aurors. She took every subject possible but Divination, because she thought it was foolish.

In The Seventh Year of Rose WeasleyEdit

  • Rose in her favorite outfit.
  • Rose at the Yule ball.
  • Rose in a Ravenclaw uniform
  • Minor picture of Rose
  • Rose at the first Junior Order of the Phoenix meeting.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rose has light red hair and dark blue eyes like her father. She has the same hair texture like her mother and small freckles.


  • "Let's see...I'm supposed to hate you, you've been pretty much a jerk for the past six years, and I can't believe that I'm in love with you. OK, did I really just say that?"
  • "I'm sitting here and talking to you. What does it look like I'm doing?"

The Lily Potter Series.Edit

Rose is Lily's favorite cousin, without the sense of her being her best friend, who happens to be her brother Hugo.

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