Selena Crystelle Lupin

Family Information

Nymphadora Lupin (neé Tonks) (mother)
Remus Lupin (father)
Edward 'Teddy' Lupin II brother)
Andromeda Tonks (neé Black) (maternal grandmother)
Edward 'Ted' Tonks (maternal grandfather)

Selena Crystelle Lupin is the youngest child and only daughter of Remus Lupin and his wife, Nymphadora (Tonks). She is the twin sister of Edward "Teddy" Lupin. She is the focus character of the story 'The Guardian of the Moonlight', by PrincessDaydream77.


  • Selena means 'goddess of the moon'. She was named for her father's elder sister, who was killed when she was attacked by Fenrir Greyback.
  • Crystelle means 'iced crystal'. She was named for her mother's younger sister, who died at her birth due to a curse placed on Andromeda by her sister, Bellatrix.
  • Lupin means 'wolf'. It is Selena's father's surname, and her mother's married name.