Shannon Wynn (b. 21 July, 1978) was a pure-blood witch,

Shannon Wynn
Shannon Wynn


  • 21 July, 1978

Blood status

  • Pure-blood

Also known as

  • Blondie
  • Wynn girl
  • Smarts

Physical information

  • Species - Human
  • Gender - Female
  • Hair colour - Blonde
  • Eye colour - Brown
  • Skin colour - Light

Family members

  • Selena Wynn née Corwin (mother)
  • Anthony Wynn (father)
  • Arthur Corwin (maternal grandfather)†
  • Ellen Jessica Corwin née Longbottom (maternal grandmother)†
  • Tara Grace Wynn née Lien (paternal grandmother)†
  • Dorian Wynn (paternal grandfather)†
  • Neville Longbottom (second cousin)
  • Sirius Black (third cousin once removed)

Magical characteristics

  • Boggart - Snake
  • Wand - Alder, eleven inches, veela hair
  • Patronus - Lion


  • Occupation - Student

  • House - Gryffindor

  • Loyalty - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Salem Institute of Magic
  • Silver Thunder Quidditch Team
  • Gryffindor
  • Seymour family
  • Black family (only Sirius and Andromeda)
  • Seymour family
  • Potter family
  • Weasley family
  • Wescott family
  • Wynn family
daughter of Selena and Anthony Wynn. She attended Salem Institute of Magic from 1989 to 1994 and then transferred to Hogwarts in summer 1994, starting her sixth year as member of Gryffindor house along with her best friend Alane.

Biography Edit

Early life and Salem Academy YearsEdit

AnnaSophia Robb9

Shannon in early Salem years

Unlike Alane, Shannon was born in state of Nebraska, U.S., as her parents moved there after her mother got a job as Transfiguration teacher in Salem Academy. From early childhood, Shannon proved to be demanding child to her parents as she was incessantly running around the house, breaking objects in her path without any pattern. Selena often joked that she inherited it from Anthony as he too was quite hyperactive in his childhood. She calmed down a bit after meeting Alane who is Shannon’s opposite in just about everything. Although Alane likes to play pranks, she is essentially calm character whilst Shannon can barely sit through class without getting up. Along with Alane, at the age of eleven she started to attend Salem Institute of Magic rather than Hogwarts like her parents respectively .Like her mother, her primary talent lies in Transfiguration and was able at the age of seven transfigure her father familiar Teleri into a table. She also has an aptitude for herbology, considering it runs in her mother’s part of family line. However, she also has her father’s rather active side as well, making her quite impatient when it comes to be in one place for too long. Her father used to spend that on his Quidditch game as beater but Shannon prefers to spend it on pranks and sneaking around school grounds. Upon learning that Alane is moving to her mother in Britain and will be attending Hogwarts, it didn’t take her long to talk her parents into coming back to Britain as well.

Hogwarts yearsEdit


Shannon in Hogwarts

After settling in their new home, Shannon attended here sixth year of education at Hogwarts with Alane. On the train ride, she met Lavender Brown, whom she disliked immediately and the Golden Trio. Three of them accepted her immediately as she was close to Alane and had sharp wit, something Harry particularly liked. She was sorted into Gryffindor and was impressed when Dumbledore announced the Triwizard Tournament; however the enthusiasm faded away when Harry got chosen as fourth champion. Like Alane, she got noticed by twins and Lee Jordan when she aided Alane in successful welcoming prank on Filch. She also got along very well with her cousin Neville, especially during Herbology class as they did share the same affinity for it. She often clashes with Draco Malfoy though not directly all the time as that is mostly reserved for Harry and Alane. Since ball was nothing new to Alane and her as it is a regular event in Salem Academy, two best friends soon found themselves in roles of dancing teachers with small help in form of Annabelle. While Alane’s companion for the ball was George Weasley, Shannon’s was a Durmstrang student by the name of Alexander Lukachevich, with whom she later remained in contact via letters.

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