Chapter 1 Edit


"Jason?" my twin brother turned to look at me. "What did you think the letter's for?"

Jason shrugged. "There's no way to find out unless you open it."

The letters were both made out of yellowed parchment paper, and it had our address, Number 16, Grimmauld Place, written in green ink. "You first," I said, nudging his arm.

But just as we were about to open the envelope, our mum came into the room.

Our mum looked nothing like us. She had brown eyes, unlike the stormy blue eyes we both shared. Her hair was as black as a raven, while Jason had blonde hair and I had brown. Her complexion was like cinnamon. Ours was light.

"Good morning, Em. Jay." she smiled.

We just sat there, examining the letters. Finally, I muttered a "good morning".

She put two plates of bacon, sausage, eggs, and buttered toast on the table and looked at us. "Honestly, that's how you greet your mo-"

"Good morning, Mum!" we both chimed, with fake smiles on our faces.

"That's better! Oh... you have mail? That's quite rare...." she said, looking at the letters.

Then our sister Elsa came into the room. As usual, she stuck her nose into the air and sat at her usual position at the table-as far away from us as possible. "Good morning, Mother," she said in her proud and snobby voice. "Emily. Jason," she said it while gritting her teeth.

"Good morning, Elsa!" I pretended to smile again. "Not," I muttered under my breath.

"Emily Cornerstone, what was that?" my mother snapped at me.

"Nothing, Mum!"

"Good. But if I catch one more word from you about your sister..."

"You won't!"

"Good," she said. Then the scent of burning bacon drifted over. "Oh, no, the bacon's burning! Don't open the letter until I come back!" she ran over to the kitchen.

Then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" I yelled.

I ran over to the door and opened it. There stood a short, blond, slightly chubby man with a 2-inch scar not unlike the scar I had on my arm. "Um.... hello," I muttered.

"Ah, you must be Miss Cornerstone! My name is Neville Longbottom," the man said.

"Um... yes, I am. Why don't you come in?"

I could sense this was the beginning of something strange.

Only one thing I want to say right now.


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