Landlock- Petrifies opponent

Objeto Calliente- Makes object very hot, and may sometimes light on fire.

Memoir- Can 'see' into any memory of the opponent faster than legilimency.

Serva Timorem- Induces opponent in a sudden shock, and keeps that feeling, soon leading to torture.

Videturius- Sends light pass around caster, making the wizard invisible.

Caecus Totalum- Blinds everyone in a short radius around caster.

Morpheo- Makes opponent fall to sleep, and dream as if they didn't.

Thinosavrio- Makes object transform into caster.

Cobalus Incantatem- Summons goblin minion.

Migrashio- Sends object south.

Apocalypse- A very hard to master killing curse, which is contagious and can kill a group of people instantly.

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