The Snape Family is an old wizarding family. Members include:

Name Parents Spouse Status Spouse's status Lifespan
Tobias Snape ? Eileen Prince Muggle Halfblood 1930-1991
Severus Snape Above Lily Evans/Snape II Halfblood Muggle-born 1960-2020
Lily Snape III (later Pettigrew) Above Peter Pettigrew Jr Halfblood Halfblood 1985-2047
Callidum Forti Snape Same as Above's Maria Blackart Halfblood Pureblood 1986-2010
Lily Pettigrew-Snape Lily Snape and Peter Pettigrew Jr Wilhelm Wizard-Williams Squib Muggle 2005-2085
Cal Snape Calidum Forti Snaoe None. Halfblood 2006-2095
Fort Snape Same as above's Victoria Blackart (his second cousin) Halfblood Pureblood 2010-211

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