Having a room with Jason is like trying to bow up a fake pig without magic or explosives(which, by the way, Jason managed to do). In the first class (charms) which tiny little Flitwick was still teaching, a scared girl named Dorothy became even more scared when Flitwick when Jason turned Flitwick's chair into a donkey (Flitwick will always think an unlucky boy named Lucky did it). Lucky was annoying and always repeated what he said:

"Hi, I'm James." I'm Lucky. I am. I am. I really am. I a—"

"OKAY! I HEARD YOU THE FIRST 1,000,000,000,000,000 TIMES!!!!!!!"

James was good friends with Gibby, Sheiff, and was starting a friendship with Dorothy, an easily frightened Ravenclaw, and he hated Scorpius and Lucky, and liked Jason. Then, as Sheiff walked down the isle alone, a floating flame came towards him. Although, this flame was different. It was green. It was The Green Flame Torch. The Green Flame Torch 3

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