By now only 7 Slytherins, a Ravenclaw, and 3 Gryffindors were left. As James was about to start packing, Jason ran in. " Th-Th-The Torch!" They ran until they found a dead end. There, was the Green Flame Torch, and next to it, stood Scorpius. " What are you doing here?" yelled Jason. " Ever since Voldemort died, the Malfoy's have been thought to have switched over sides. No, we aren't death eaters now, but we are far from good!" The Torch took the shape of a man, and it's firey hand punched Jason. "Aguamenti" "Protego!" "Expelliarmus!" "Finite Incantatem!" "Levicorpus!" "CRUCIO!" The Green Flame Torch 5

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