(On the train James, Albus and Rose are waving goodbye)

Rose: bye mum, bye dad, look after Hugo!

Ron: bye Rose

Herminoe: bye Rose, we'll miss you

Rose: stay out of my room Hugo!

Albus and James: bye mum, bye dad, bye Lily

Ginny: don't get into trouble

Harry: have a good time!

(The train drives off, Scorpious enters the carrige)

Scorpious: so your the sons of Potter, Scorpious, Scorpious Malfoy

Alubs: Albus Potter, this is my brother James Potter and our cousin Rose Weasly

Scorpious: (laughs) your just like your parents

James: what are you doing here?

Scorpious: I wanted to sit next to you

Rose: sure, sit next to James

(They arrive at Hogwarts)

Miss Magonagle: single file, single file! look who it is Albus and James Potter and Rose Weasley what a plesant surprise, I used to teach your mums and dads when they where your age!

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