In the carriage George was worrying about Jack "What if he falls in the lake?" he cried

Tom turned to him "Someone will fish him out or the squid will push him out"

"What if the squid eats him?"

"It won't"

"It might!"


Meanwhile out on the lake Jack was talking to Malcolm "Which house do you want to be in?" he asked


"I want to be in Hufflepuff"

"Your whole family has been in Hufflepuff, you will be"

"I hope so"

"So anyway, what you have to do is prod the knot with a stick, then it stops and you can climb in"


The boat gave a lurch and Malcolm was thrown into the lake "Malcolm!" cried Jack reaching for his friend.

"Hold on!" cried the ancient man and tapped his boat with his umbrella making the vessel spin around to face Jack and Malcolm's. Meanwhile other students were falling in. Merpeople were rising to the surface and dragging the struggling teenagers into the depths. "I thought merpeople were on our side!" yelled Jack

"They've gone rogue!" replied the ancient man, grabbing for a student and punching a mermaid in the face at the same time. "STOP!" yelled a commanding voice and headmaster Hugo Weasley flew out across the lake. The merpeople screeched in dismay and swam back to the depths from which they came. The children who had not fallen in were helping the soaking friends back into the boats. "How did that happen?" Malcolm asked Jack "No idea he replied "But did you see their eyes?"

"No, what about them?"

"They'd been imperiused! My dad showed me it on Cole, their eyes were just like his only more mermish"

"You mean someone made them do that?"

"Yep and I bet they aren't done with us yet!"

As the boats docked in the castle port Jack saw a shaggy grey wolf slink off into the darkness.

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