It seemed that all the people who had been dragged down by the Merpeople had not actually been taken, it was all just an elaborate illusion charm "You still think those Merpeople were imperiused then?"

"Of course not weren't you listening? There were no Merpeople but someone had made the fake ones look imperiused"

"That's your theory?"

"That's my theory, whoever it was had a keen attention to detail!"

They were met in the the entrance hall by a very rough looking professor, he had scars all over his face and his hair was raggedy looking. "All right in you go" he said gesturing to the doors of the great hall. They trooped in in a line and looked ahead, an old hat that was sitting on a stool began to sing a song

Over one thousand years ago

Four sorcerers got together

To create a school

To educate all

The young warlocks They could gather

Bold Gryffindor prized bravery

Wise Ravenclaw prized knowledge

Cold Slytherin prized ambition

Good Hufflepuff prized hard-work

And so with these thoughts in mind

They tried to divide

Their favorites from

All those that they could find

But how to choose after they had gone

And their bones lay in tombs?

"Friends!" cried Ravenclaw

"We need to be able to choose

Our favorites from the throng

That come here seeking education

Once we are dead and gone"

Gryffindor whipped me off his head

"A nessescary sacrifice" he said

The founders put some brains in me

So I could choose instead!

Now slip me snug about your ears,

I've never yet been wrong,

I'll have a look inside your mind

And tell where you belong!

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