I used to think I was normal. I mean I had grown up with a normal life in a normal family and now I'm standing on a platform I thought never even existed. This all started about a month ago when my mum, dad and me were sitting in the parlor going over what I would need for school the upcoming semester. We had gotten to my uniform when I heard a strange noise outside. I got up to see what it was when I something by the door caught my eye.I went to pick up the letter that seemed to have just been delivered but it couldn't have been beacause it was a Sunday and everyone knew that there was no post on Sunday.I looked at the letter heavy in my hands, the garnet colored wax seal it's self was breathtaking. I flipped over the envolope the adress in green ink said:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Leslie Ellen Barlowe
17 York Road
Upper Level Bedroom to the right

My Parents came over to see what it was.( I normally got distracted but not for this long.) They looked at the letter and my mum then said " Well now I guess we have to tell her the family secret." I looked at her with a most puzzled experesion."Come sit down honey."

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