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July 7, 2010

Erm...hallo. I'm kind of new on here. I just came off of, and so I'm just wondering...what do you do on here? Obviously you post fanfics (YAY!) and read other peoples and stuff, but do you edit it, like you do on other wikias? RolandaSmithson 18:29, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah! Edit

first of all, YAY FOR YOU TO COME SEE THIS! this is an awesome wiki and bc its small, we all are... you could say wiki-friends! to answer ur question, yeah we do lots of editing and stuff on this, we make blogs of our stories, and over all, have fun reading and writing imaginative stories like urs which by the way, is really cool! another thing, even though i dont have an account, i post A LOT! so any anon comments with -LauraTrealanwy- or LT- and its me! i have to fan fics, one on my fictional self, and one on Hermione Granger's Life at Hogwarts. HG stories are at my user page, My fan fic life is at Hope to see u around, and have fun!!! -LT-

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