Wanting to forget youEdit

"Your a freak," my sister named Peturnia chanted."like Severus."

"I am not!" I yelled and my name was Lily."Nor is Severus!"

"I'm telling Mum," she said and skiped off to home.

I held my head in shame.My own flesh and blood called me a freak!

I am sorry, I thought. Severus.You helped me see the light, and I am happy to be a Witch.But we aren't freak's.

"Lily," I hear Severus say."I am sorry that your sister called you a freak.But you aren't one."

"I know.And nor are you." I said quietly.

But mabey I was, but not him.

I looked over at the lake.Remebering only when I wasn't called a freak.Those were the good and happy times-but that one word will make my world become nothing but ash.

I walked slowly over to the lake.As I sat down I said to him."I am sorry."

"What for? It isn't your fault she called you a freak."

"Mabey it is.The answer is unknown." I sighed and diped my feet into the water."Mabey it isn't."

Severus sat by me."Only if you don't think that.It isn't your fault."

That was the first day I met my dear Severus- and he was my first friend.But for the moment, only a friend.Now he is my Hustband-and we had a child of our own and named her Lurna.

As I hear Severus teaches Lurna spells he made himself up.When was in school with me.

Let this be a truth to how me and Severus met, and this is the truth.

For once...

Child of snape and lily

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